LETS - Let's Erase the Stigma
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Everyday youth run for their lives, trying to keep a steady pace with a world that often overlooks them from the start. Without the proper tools of communication, these kids may be lost in the cracks, saddled with fractured mental health. The lack of attention that youth are given to discuss their own personal mental health, to forcibly break the stigma created around issues that they deal with on a daily basis, can cause them to walk towards places that are dark, confining, and permanently destructive.

Without proper alternatives, our world is forcing our youth to run towards suicide as the only solution.

For every 100,000 youth - 20.5 of those ages 10 to 24 will die by suicide in just 1 year, including another 11 attempts. Sadly most are not reported.

Suicide is not the solution.

We should be teaching kids to run towards the health they want, the health they deserve, the health they can talk about openly with adults, without judgement and fear. We should be teaching youth to race to live their lives to the fullest, not ending them before they have even begun.

At the LETS Foundation, we believe so strongly in this race, to deliver the message of a peer to peer organization that teaches viable communication tools to youth and erases the stigma of mental health, that we are willing to actually run the race ourselves. Physically, we run in marathons to promote the healthy spread of racing for a life worth living, a life that exists without stigma.

We are asking you to race with us. Race for us. LETS race together to bring light that suicide is not the solution.

LETS race for a change. LETS race for the youth. LETS race for you and for me.